Michael Michael Coble
Born March 30, 1993
Bilateral Cleft Lip & Palate
For three years my Husband and I tried to have a baby. The day we found out we were pregnant we were overwhelmed with joy. In the 7th month ultrasound we were informed of the possibility of our son having a cleft lip and palate at birth. We were upset at first. We then started doing research on this birth defect. The information we found upset us most of all. The information available on cleft correction was old and the procedures were disappointing. The first surgery would not be for three months, and this surgery would only repair the lip; the palate would not be repaired be until eigthteen months.

Our surgeon changed all that. During our first consultation with him, we were very relieved to hear of his success in the early repair of cleft lip and palates. Our son's first surgery was on his 14th day of life. His bilateral cleft lip and palate were repaired. Having the operation at this early age has enabled our son to grow up as a normal child He was able to start his speaking skills as a baby instead of at 2 years of age. The feeding problems experienced with the cleft were greatly reduced. We went from syringe feeding to bottle feeding immediately.

Michael is four now and had three surgeries since the initial surgery. He is doing great! We thank God and our team every time we see our son blow a whistle, when he smiles, when he says I love you mommy, and every time a stranger in a restaurant tells us what a wonderful son we have. Michael will be starting Preschool next year.

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