Ethan's Cleft Lip Repair Surgery

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Ethan's Cleft Lip Repair Surgery

Postby tigerlilly149 » Thu Aug 09, 2007 10:45 pm

Ethan just came home from his cleft lip surgery today. The surgery was a big success, and thankfully, a surgery that was supposed to take 2 tries now was done with one! I'm so relieved. I didn't want to go through this again! I was very anxious and worried about a month before the surgery, and the closer it came, the more upset I would get. Ugh... its such a relief to have that off my shoulders!

I thought that the pre-surgery was going to be hell b/c I'd have a hungry child. However, he gave me a break and slept most of the time or was actually quite happy. He loved watching the children in the pre-anesthesia rooms.

The procedure was supposed to take 2 hours, however, it ended up taking 3 hours. We were out during the first page about how they were doing, but we were told around the end of the surgery that his vitals were great and that the Dr was just finishing up. They said that he was looking great.

Our doctor came out and said that Ethan's surgery was very successful. He was able to do everything he wanted to do in one surgery. That was very wonderful to hear. He gave me what to expect and going home instructions.

Even though our son is still a little puffy, I know that our Dr did a wonderful job. We knew we had the best doctor for the job. We've heard so much about him. He's one of the leading doctors for oral cleft in the Midwest... and the country. He's never lost a child and only had to do 1 redo in his entire career. He's almost in his 60's, so its a pretty long career! He's just the best doctor. I'm very impressed with his professionalism and I just am happy with the results. I can't wait until Ethan is fully healed so I can show you before and after shots of him.

However, I do have some photos of the "before surgery" stuff that would be appropriate. Also, some post surgery stuff as well.

Him in his hospital gown before surgery.

Hanging out with Grandma

Got to eat some blanket before surgery!

His post surgery bed.

The red toe! We thought it was funny that the monitor made his toe glow a red color. I think it was monitoring his pulse.

These are the restraints that make it so that he cant chew on his hands and touch his face while he's recovering. I'm not sure how long he has to wear them. He has one on both arms.

His post surgery appointment is next week Monday, so we'll see what the doctor says!
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